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How safe is your wordpress website
Thousands of small business websites get hacked every single day of every single hour. Ask yourself this question; is your site safe and secure? The answer is most likely NO, or even this might come to mind: Hackers are only after the BIG websites. I'm only small they ain't bothered with my website. WEBSITE HACKERS ARE HUNGRY TO HACK YOUR WEBSITE, AND YOU COULD BE NEXT! They will hack your website to upload fake PayPal or apple pages to your site. Next, they send out thousands of bogus emails like the one below. How To Secure WordPress Website From Hackers
Without putting another worrying thought in you’re head, reliable website design and maintenance companies can increase your productivity besides taking that worrying from you. Your website should always be working in the background safe and secure, so there’s no need to worry. 1. Generate Leads A well-established design agency should know where to place all the critical call to actions on your site and could boost your incoming leads. 2. Less worry more work Feeling confident about your website design company will decrease the worry to ensure you focus on the more productive things. 3. Making sure your site is