Whats the best WordPress security plugins? Here’s the top 3

Whats the best WordPress security plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for designing blog websites that can reach other people on the internet. WordPress is free, and gives you a lot of freedom to choose different type of content from. You can write on almost any kind of content. Whether you’re a blog poster or an item ranker. Whether you want to make guides for people to do a certain task or just desire to share your motto with the world – WordPress has all the necessary tools to let you do that.

But…. With power comes responsibility. And since WordPress has become very popular, some people have decided to make viruses and hacks that are aimed at WordPress based websites.

You may ask ‘What are the best WordPress security plugins?’ We have compiled a list of 3 different WordPress security plugins that should definitely rescue your day and keep you away from hackers.

Without further ado, let us begin.

Whats the best WordPress security plugins then?

Jetpack – All-In-One

Everyone should have Jetpack installed on their WordPress. At least that’s what we think. Jetpack is an absolutely stunning plugin for WordPress that helps you manage all parts of your website. It optimises your website’s performance and appearance. It also helps you manage traffic and gives you tips and tricks to help you increase traffic on your website.

Oh, and the most important feature of all: Jetpack is designed to help you increase the security of your website. It has a list of features that help you protect yourself against brute force attacks and monitors your website every five minutes or so.

Jetpack is a free plugin that offers many features, but if you wish to use all of Jetpack, you can buy the Premium edition. It’s totally worth it, considering it is from the same creators as WordPress.

VaultPress – Total security

If you’re one of those people that take their security very seriously, VaultPress is the plugin for you. This carefully crafted plugin has been designed to scan and detect dangerous content on your website and so much more. Here are some of the features this plugin provides:
Automatic Backup & Restore – You can set any day of the month to automatically backup all your data on a monthly basis. Best of all, you can also make multiple backups in a single day.

Scan & Detect Viruses – Just like an anti-virus, VaultPress scans all of your website for dangerous files. If it finds any file that is suspicious, it immediately sends an email to you about the file. You can then easily deal with the virus in a few seconds.

Spam Protection – VaultPress also gives you moderate spam protection without your involvement. So you can rest easy while VP does your stuff for you.

What’s the best WordPress security plugin? I’d say VaultPress. It’s free and offers in-app purchases.

Wordfence Security – Real-time protection

If VaultPress isn’t up-to your taste, you can consider investing in Wordfence Security. This plugin has been carefully designed to help you find and remove errors. It provides various tools like:

  • Firewall Protection
  • Malware Scan
  • Login Security
  • Live Traffic Monitoring
  • Real-Time Traffic Monitoring for Errors
  • User-base blocking
  • 2 Factor Authentication

And much more. Wordfence is a great plugin and is available to try for free on WordPress. If you like it, you can buy the full version to avail all of its security features too.

Were we able to quench your thirst of ‘What are the best WordPress security plugins?’ question? If we did, do let us know.