Websites for Authors: Why should they have one?

If you are an author, you may have been specifically told by your publisher that you don’t need a website. Publishers seem to believe that if you have a social media presence, that is enough. It would appear that they would prefer authors to concentrate on writing their next book (which they have been contracted to do) and not spend their time on an inexpertly designed website. Then there is the time factor involved in keeping the site updated, so perhaps from a publisher’s point of view, websites for authors are not a good thing.

Website design for Authors needs to be considered carefully, and what better way of coming up with a perfect one is there than by choosing a company that specialises in designing websites for authors? Of course an author should have a social media profile as well, but if the author’s name is googled by prospective readers, they might be put off if the author doesn’t have a website. If an author has a website it is a platform through which readers can be reached directly and that can increase book sales, of course and enhance the author’s engagement with readers (and today ‘engagement’ seems to equate with success). When you have a blog of your own, you can gauge your readers’ reactions to your books and they may give you ideas for your next work.

Choosing a professional company that deal with authors’ website design is one of the ways of minimising the time spent on creating an author’s website. However, how do you choose a company that will design just the type of authors’ website just for you?

Here are some good points for an author to consider

Before deciding on hiring a company that create websites for authors, you need to have an initial consultation with the web designers so that you can find out if you can build a good relationship with the people who will be behind your author’s web design. This is a good idea because you can discuss your ideas for your author’s website design and find out if they are compatible with those of the design company.

You should ask them the following questions:

  • How quickly do they envisage being able to respond to your requests?
  • What are the costs of running your own authors’ website?
  • What are the terms and conditions in the contract?
  • Will your website be compatible with tablets, desktops and mobiles?
  • How reliable is web hosting?

You should be able to see what the company has done for other authors and check out their authors’ website design for yourself. Also when you are speaking with them, you should ask yourself how well these people can explain what they can do for you; do they make things easy for you to understand?

If you have read this far, you may now wish to contact us at All Web Services, to find out how we may be able to help you with your specific authors website design. Why not do this after thinking about the points raised for your consideration? We look forward to hearing from you.