Website design jargon explained the easy way

Website design jargon explained

As web design and developer, we know various important things. To give our clients a better idea about the required things and different concepts regarding web development and design, we have created this information. Have a look at the following concepts to get a better idea in this regard:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system and the simplest way to build a website. Main features of WordPress are Template System and Plugin Architecture. Mostly it is being used for blogging, but it is supporting some other type of web content too, which includes a different kind of media galleries and e-commerce stores. WordPress is being used by 60 million websites almost. The basic purpose of WordPress is to create blogs instead of the traditional websites but now it is being used to create almost every type of website including:

  • Business websites
  • Ecommerce store
  • Portfolios
  • Blogging Website
  • Membership Sites
  • Forums
  • Social Networks
  • Resumes

WordPress is a flexible tool. It will allow you to update your website with no web design knowledge with its easy to use admin interface. You will be able to add/update pages, change images to keep your website fresh.

What is a bespoke WordPress web design?

A bespoke website WordPress design is a solution which is based on customer design. This design is built on the web design which is following the guidelines of your brand. These solutions will be based on a clearly defined scope which is based on your business needs and market research. However, the result will always be a WordPress website with a unique and creative look. Even more, it will provide a rich aesthetic and amazing functional experience to the users and will help the business to achieve its goals effectively.

Bespoke WordPress web designs are always on scope, scalable, secure and perfectly optimised for search engines due to which these are commonly in high demands from various businesses.

What is themed WordPress web design?

A themed based WordPress website is generally a pre-built and generic website which can be used. The website is usually based on built-in themes of WordPress. The owner can choose the theme of the website from the set of pre-defined themes along with tweaking a colour palette or adding logos and images. These websites are quick to set-up and often easy to purchase.

Bespoke website vs themed website

Bespoke websites
Bespoke websites are generally highly customised or tailored websites which are 100% built on the needs of a business. These websites are commonly tech-oriented and required a long timeline to be completed. These designs are highly scalable and perfectly optimised as per business demands. These designs are normally more appealing for the bigger companies who want to create an effective brand identity with their websites. These websites are best for their uniqueness, flexibility, and functionality but required high cost and more time to be built.

Themed Websites
Themed websites are often cheap to purchase because these are based on built-in themes. These are highly quick to set up and you do not have to wait much to get done with your website design. However, it comes with some drawbacks, these are not scalable, limited options of customisation and commonly built on substandard codes which may be unable to provide proper functionality. However, for websites like blogging, portfolios, etc. These can be better to use.

Is website security important?

Website security is something which every website needs. Your website could be your brand, storefront and must serve as the first contact with your visitors. If you are not focusing on its security and safety then you are putting your critical business relationships at risk. The security threats can reach to your website in various forms including spreading malware, stealing customers information, adding a website to a botnet of infected websites or even crashing the site. To ensure the security of your clients or visitors information and safe working of your website, it is highly important to pay attention to its security.

What is website hosting?

Web hosting is a service that any individual or organisation can get to post their website or webpage on the internet. When any internet users want to visit your site he just needs to type the address of your website into his browser. His computer will automatically be connected to the server. The server will deliver your webpage to that user through the browser. Many web hosting service provider organizations are working to allow you to avail of this service. These organisations are providing the technologies that are required to online the services of your website or a webpage. Hosted websites are stored on special computers which are known as servers.

Website hosting is a necessity of every website. It is a physical location of the content of your website on the internet. Website hosting is online storage that is comprising the data of your website. This data includes videos, audios, images, text documents, etc. (Entire content of your website).

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. A domain name is an address that internet users use to visit your website. A domain name is a combination of letters, numbers and a combination of multiple extensions of the domain name. You have to register the domain name before using it. Domain names are unique to identify a specific website in a crowed. A domain name is an internet resource that is being identified universally by the web servers.

A domain name is a source of the identification of your website, specifically in data communication and networks. Following are some facts about the domain name:

  • A domain name typically has two parts that are separated by a dot (.). Part of the domain that is following the dot (.) Is called Top Level Domain (TLD). Top-Level Domain (TLD) represents a group to which that domain belongs. For example, .edu is the LTD for the domains of educational institutes.
  • A domain name can identify an IP address or group of IPs’.
  • A host uses the domain name as an alternate of the IP address because alphanumeric data is easy to remember instead of numbers.
  • A Domain name is part of a URL to identify a website.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is a standard technology to establish a secured link between a browser and a server. This ensures the privacy and integrity of the data which is being transferred between a link (a browser and a server). To enable SSL, a website needs to have an SSL certificate. To enable SSL on your website, you have to provide required information which is being prompted on your screen. More interestingly, the complexities of SSL remain unknown for the website users. Instead, they will be provided by a key indicator to know they are connected through a secured link.

Hopefully, the above information has cleared all of the questions in the best possible way.