WARNING: These 9 mistakes will destroy your psychologist website

Warning Psychologist Website

If you are a certified psychologist and planning to build your own website, it is a great initiative to help your patients and to reach out to the audience that needs your help. If you are building your own psychologist website, there are 9 psychologist website mistakes that you should avoid in order to maintain the steady traffic of people needing medical attention.

Top 9 psychologist website mistakes

Invisible search bar

It would be unethical to frustrate or annoy your clients who are already going through psychological issues. If you have a psychologist website, the biggest psychologist website mistake that you can do is hide your search bar in any corner of the website.

This psychologist website mistake makes it difficult for the patients to know about your address, consultancy services and qualification. Your potential patients are already going through a lot. Just add a simple search bar at the top of the website for your clients, for more visibility and accessibility.

Bewildering website navigation

Imagine if a client visits your website in search of any information regarding your clinic, but end up leaving your psychologist website because he did not know where to click. This is one of the common psychologist website mistakes made by the psychologists.

Do not make your website navigation chaotic. If people find it hard to find any information on your psychologist website, you will end up losing half of your potential patients. Make it easier for the people to reach out to you for help. If you are adding hyperlinks that lead to your clinic page, be sure to add it up front.

Low quality therapeutic videos and images

No matter how much of an expert psychologist you are, if you are uploading poor or low quality therapeutic images and videos on your site, you are making the biggest psychologist website mistake. Internet users visualize low quality images and videos as a scam. It will make them dubious about your services.

High quality images and videos will build clients’ trust on you. They would be attracted by the latest therapeutic videos and will consult you as soon as possible.

Driving the clients away by having a perplex check out process

Some psychologists sell therapeutic products on their website too. If you are one of them, do not have a difficult check out process.

Do not ask unnecessary questions and force the users to give out personal information. This will chase your potential customers away.

Turning the users away who visit your website on mobile phones

Some psychologist websites run and operate great on computers and tablets. But, when the users open them on mobile phones, some psychologist websites crash or do not load.

Observe your site analytics and see how many of your clients use mobile phones. Fix your website design and make your psychologist website a mobile-friendly website. This is a psychologist website mistake that most of the psychologists ignore.

Complicated registration

You must have a registration form, in case any person wants to seek your medical attention. Having complicated patient registration form is one of the main psychologist website mistakes.

Keep the registration form as simple as possible. Do not engage with the patients online. Do not ask too much personal questions online. Do not try to invade your client’s privacy. Have a simple sign-up form.

Not providing your email, phone number and physical address

As a psychologist, you must be practising at your own clinic or at an affiliated hospital. Not providing your assistant’s phone number, email address or your physical address may be a major turn off for your passive clients.

Do not make the most common psychologist website mistake, by not providing your physical address. Provide your proper physical address with operational hours, so that the clients can trust you with their problems.

No trust indicators

You need to give your customers lots of indication and assurance that they can trust you.  Trust seals and security badges can help strengthen your credibility and engagement with your patients.

Try to add a section on your psychologist website for customer reviews.

Not using seo keywords

Your psychologist website should have SEO keywords. Your clients do not have much time to engage on the website.

Use a compelling content to engage with your clients. Do not upload content on your psychologist website that is difficult to scan for customers in a hurry.


You are likely to make some major psychologist website mistakes if you are a new website owner. But, you can update and optimize your psychologist website and make it a user-friendly site, to interact and engage with the audience.