Terms & Conditions


1.1 – All Web Services Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 7094832, whose registered address is Unit 1, Coopers Yard, Cirencester Road, Little Witcombe, Gloucester, GL3 4SU.

1.1 – Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm if you have any queries please contact us during these times.


2.1 – Before All Web Services LTD commence any work we do need a 50% deposit upfront This means the website has been commissioned and as such no refund can be given or transferred to any other web site or job after this point. All deposits are non refundable. If the price All Web Services LTD comes to £1000 and under we would require full payment upfront.

2.2 – All Web Services LTD will invoice you for the final payment when the work has been completed. Payment has to be received within 7 days after the date of the final invoice.

2.3 – For special offers and promotions All Web Services LTD will need full payment upfront.


3.1 – All Web Services LTD will offer you free ongoing support during office hours.

3.2 – Support does not include contacting us on any social media platforms.


4.1 – All web Services LTD will only carry out the work what has been agreed. Extra work will come at a fee of £55.00 per hour.

4.2 – All Web Services LTD will only make the very first back-up of the website it would be down to the customer to make regular back-ups of their website to save any data from getting lost from customer errors or, if your website gets hacked into. All Web Services can supply a back-up service at a fee of £85.00 per every back-up.

4.3 – If a website project has been put on hold due to no fault of All Web Services Ltd or All Web Services Ltd is waiting for information for more than 2 weeks a £150 admin fee will be added.

4.4 – If a website project has been put on hold due to no fault of All Web Services Ltd or All Web Services Ltd is waiting for information for more than 4 weeks we will require all outstanding payments to be paid.

4.5 – All Web Services Ltd will not put up with aggressive behaviour. We can cancel the contract if this happens and all work done to date will be sent to you.

4.6 – No third party is not allowed to change any design and/or colours without written permission by All Web Services Ltd. If we see any of our designs changed by any third party we will seek legal action.


5 – The contract

All Web Services Ltd service “the WordPress VIP care package” is a 12 month contract.

At the end of the term the client will be on a 30 day rolling contract.

5.1 – Fees and Payment

All Web Services Ltd will invoice the Client in advance for the Service Fee of £35.00 for each month (per website) on or before the date you entered these terms.

All Web Services Ltd will send all invoices by email to the Client. All payments must be made by direct debit or standing order.

Late payment will result in your website being suspended until payment on your account has been paid up to date.

5.2. Services

The Services shall be deemed to include the following:

  • Website hosting.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Monthly website back-ups.
  • Daily security scans to identify any weak areas or infected files.
  • WordPress plugins and themes updated every month.
  • Lockdown WordPress to make it hard for hackers.
  • Monthly report sent to your inbox.
  • Priority support.

All Web Services Ltd shall provide the Services in a timely manner and in accordance with prevailing best practices in the industry.

During the monthly maintenance your website could be broken due to a plugin error or theme error. This is totally out of All Web Services Ltd.’s control but we will do whatever is in our power to fix this or find a workaround.


6.1 – All Web Services LTD will supply you with a free .com or .co.uk for the first year then a fee will be charged at the normal rate of: (£17.00 per year .com) – (£10.00 per year .co.uk)

6.2 – All Web Services will email the invoice for domain name fees approx 30 days before your due date and must be paid before your due date or your website will be suspended.

6.3 – failure to pay the fees by your due date will result in your domain name being cancelled.

6.4 – If you want to terminate your domain name with All Web Services LTD we would need 30 days notice in writing failure to do this you would be liable to pay your bill.

6.5 – All Web Services will supply you with domain name technical support by email only if the domain is hosted with us.

6.6 – Domain names will be registered to All Web Services Ltd unless requested to register in your own name.


7.1 – All Web Services LTD does not populate the website with items you are selling unless commissioned to do so.

7.2 – All Web Services will ask that all payment is up to date and paid before handing over the site. If any errors are found or slight changes to the site, All Web Services Ltd will correct these issues.


8.1 – All Web Services LTD will need full payment upfront for special offers, competitions and promotions.

8.2 – All Web Services LTD has the right to refuse any business from special offers competitions and promotions if we do not think you fit the criteria.


9.1 – Intellectual copyright will remain with All Web Services LTD. We will only grant you use of any design, illustrations, photo’s All Web Services LTD Has taken and content only to be used on your website at all times. If you want to use anything away from your website you can apply for this in writing. A fee may be charged.


10.1 – The Company Will not be liable for any loss of earnings to the customer from any of our services we provide. This means no compensation will be issued for loss of earnings.


11.1 – If the invoice is more than 14 days late All Web Services Ltd will add a surcharge of 10% to the total amount owed.

11.2 – If you fail to pay we will issue you with a final demand before we proceed with legal action being taken against you where additional fees will incur.


12.1 – If you are in breach of these terms due to no fault of All Web Services Ltd, We may supply you with a termination notice.

12.2 – If you receive a termination notice, We will supply you with all work we have done up to date.


13.1 – The Company and the Contractor agree to comply with all applicable data protection legislation, including but not limited to the Data Protection Act 1998 or GDPR and any subsequent amendments thereto.

13.2 – Click here to read our privacy policy


14.1 – All Web Services LTD will not be responsible for customer errors, loss of data, viruses or corruption of files and a fee will be applied to correct all customer errors.

14.2 – All Web Services LTD Reserves the right to Amend these terms and conditions at any time in which you will be notified 30 days before this action.