Save Your Website From Getting Hacked

Website security maintenance is important to keep your website safe from getting hacked. In today’s world more and more Joomla/Wordpress websites are getting hacked. If your website gets hacked, then it may be beyond repair so you would have to pay for a new website to be built.

Although, this has nothing to do with web hosting, the hackers target thousands of IP addresses at one time. If you’re on a shared hosting environment, there could be as many as 4000 websites sat on that server, if not more.

You must remember the hackers are always one step ahead, so third party open source websites such as Joomla and WordPress, bring out updates with the latest security fixes.

If your website is and old version, we strongly suggest updating as your website will be at a high risk. It is all about keeping your website scripts up to date and installing the latest updates and locking the site down.

This is a major problem with all content managed websites, it’s like having a car, and you have to maintain that.

When hackers find a new way to inject spam/hacking scripts into the site, then the founders of Joomla/Wordpress etc, will release updates to fix these.

Once the scripts running the website gets old it’s easier for hackers to hack your website and your website will keep getting hacked.

Also hackers know that the username for your administration is “admin” so change this to something else. Make sure you set up a very strong password.

You can also purchase a plugin or component to scan your website to help keep this safe.