Own Your Audience, Don’t give it to Google or Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc…

Do you often get caught up on social media or search engine positions and never see any results?

You can spend 12 months or more building up your “likes” on a business Facebook page. When you post, only a small number of people will see your posts. Remember Facebook wants you to pay, nothing is free.

The same thing happens with Google search positions. You can hand over a huge amount of money to an SEO company. What if Google changes the rules? Your money’s lost. Google wants you to use PPC (pay per click) although this can be costly.

Google and social media sites often change the rules and you never know what’s planned next. You don’t own your Facebook page, they do. You don’t own your Google search position, they do.

You need to be in charge with your audience, not third parties.

In a nutshell, transfer your social media likes/follows to a database you OWN. Every business needs a database of contacts to build good, trustworthy relationships. Forget selling, as they will buy from you in the future or they will recommend you to someone they know.

How do I transfer these contacts?

Instead of marketing your products or services, you simply offer something free in return for their contact details.

This could be…

  • A free helpful PDF guide
  • A free consultation
  • This can be anything but it must be a value to the person.

Take your time writing compelling, resourceful content. You’ll need to add a page to your website along with some content and a sign-up form. Make sure you have a box asking for their consent to be added to your marketing list (let’s face it we all hate spam).

Once they’ve signed up you’ll need to start building the relationship. Send out monthly freebies or ask questions. The best way to manage and automate this is by using a CRM.

Really get to know each of your contacts so you can send them relevant information.

Social media doesn’t work for me

You often hear the story, I’ve been using social media for years and it doesn’t work. This is because you post too much about you.


  • We are a building company specialising in…………
  • We are a professional company………..
  • It’s all we, we, we……….
  • Would you like a website built……. This cracks me up the answer is NO GO AWAY.

The way to get social media to work is to STOP talking about YOU. Start thinking about them and the problems and how to overcome them. Write helpful, interesting posts that will attract new likes/follows. No one trusts you; you’ve got to gain it.

You need to plan and be consistent. Let’s say…..

  • Write one helpful post a week – How to posts like – how to keep your grass green all summer.
  • One question a week – ever had a bad builder? We’ll love to hear your story, leave your comment below.
  • Constantly think about getting people to sign-up – post a link to your sign-up page every month.
  • 3-4 posts every single week without fail. No one liner posts. Learn to tell a story.

Overtime you will find that you get more likes/follows and more shares. Patience is key stick to it and allow it to work.

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