A Guide To Get More Business From Twitter

Social media has revolutionized the world of business by primarily impacting on marketing which is one of the core business functions. In today business environment social media tools like Twitter are affecting the overall performance of the business by enhancing business consumer (B2C) communication. Twitter has impacted business unveiling a new way of finding new customers, interacting with customers, a way to gain market intelligence, increase brand awareness and increase website traffic among other impacts. Research shows that Twitter will continue to impact business and marketing, and this article will focus on ways to get more business from Twitter; the following are ways that Twitter can enhance business performance; a guide to get more business from Twitter.

Rethink the follow strategy

Targeting is everything when it comes to marketing; you have to target the right niche if you want impressive results. Following everyone on Twitter will not be as effective as following a specific audience that is related to your business in one way or the other, this is the segment of customers that will help you achieve your goals which could be to generate new leads, reach new customers, or increasing traffic to the business website. Follow the audience that is relevant to your business regarding location, interests, etc.

Drive traffic to your business website and blog

Traffic building is one of the areas that Twitter will perform excellently if this strategy is implemented effectively the business website will have SEO advantages and lead more potential customers to the website, potential clients who can turn into real customers.

Monitor your most successful long-tail keywords in social media

It is imperative that you monitor the performance of long tail keywords as an evaluation strategy on the overall performance of the impacts of Twitter on business and also identify a better way to target the relevant audience.

Offer solutions to your customers

The more your content provides a solution to the customers, the more they will consider it important. As such they will be keener to find your what you tweet. Consequently, the traffic for your business on Twitter will build up. Your business Twitter followers and those who visit your wall will be better placed as far as getting information that concerns your business. You need to marry the solutions with regular twitting. One way of keeping your followers active in checking your twitter handles is by ensuring you have something new each time. Being too silent will keep away your followers away and hence they will lose track of the progress in your business.

Listen to your followers

Your followers form part the customers for your business. As such, whatever issues they raise will be of much significance as far as ensuring their clients are satisfied. Take every issue they bring forth, either compliments or complaints, with the seriousness it deserves. Take your time to answer each issue your followers raise. Be straight to the point and do not take too long before giving your response to the followers. It is good to note that some will raise serious issues while others are just but jokers. Be wise in answering them.

With the present level of technology, a substantial proportion of the population spends some time on social media. Consequently, promoting your business via the social media can be a milestone in ensuring the success of your business.