A Guide To Find New Customers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that allows companies to connect with clients. With over 350 million members, LinkedIn is a great platform that allows users to build a powerful professional network. It allows users to connect and build relationship in a professional setting. However, most people usually join this social network site with the mindset that they will easily connect with clients but they later find out that it is not easy as they thought. There are many business that are having a hard time connecting with clients on LinkedIn. So have you just joined LinkedIn and you are struggling to find new customers? If yes then today you are in the right place because in this article, we are going to give you a guide that will help you find new customers on LinkedIn.

Build a professional website

The first very important step that you need to undertake to attract clients on LinkedIn is building a solid profile that looks and sounds professional. Your profile should clearly explain what you company is all about, the products or services that you are offering as well as why prospects should choose you. A professional profile is not just about having great content to market yourself to clients, it is also about ensuring that you are visible. One main reason why many businesses are not able to find customers is because they don’t optimize their LinkedIn profiles. You need to optimize your profile by ensuring that it has a good profile picture, examples of your work as well as a well written summary of what your business is all about. You also need to include strong keywords that potential customer may use when searching for a company or business that has products or service that you provide. Your title also needs to have strong keywords that will improve your visibility.

Look for prospects.

Most people usually think that their work is done once they have created a professional profile. Once you have created and optimized your profile, the next step is to go out there and look for prospects. Start connecting with your friends, current colleagues, old colleagues and any close partner that you know. After you are done with first degree connection, progress to second degree connection and that includes acquaintances of your immediate network. To increase your chances of creating more network, you need to ensure that you send a powerful connection request to all your prospects. Keep your messages short and straight to the point and don’t forget to say thank you when someone connects with you.

Join groups

Once you have made meaningful connections, it is recommended that you join relevant LinkedIn groups. Joining a group will expand your network, a factor that will improve your visibility to potential clients. However, before you start marketing yourself, engage with the group members to know if they are okay with it. When you join a group in LinkedIn, it is very important to play a role of adding value to the group. The best way to do this is by hosting Google handout or webinar. The main reason why many people who join LinkedIn groups don’t gain much from them is because they are selfish. As a member of the group, you need to be a team player.

Publish relevant content

You don’t have to look for clients manually. Sometimes you should allow your knowledge and expertise to work for you. By publishing quality content, you will not only educate your prospect but you will also connect with them. Use LinkedIn publisher to post content that clearly shows your professionalism. Show your prospects that you are the best in the business by publishing very educative content. However, you should try as much as possible not to duplicate content because it may drive traffic away.

Move relationships offline

This is very important step that most people usually overlook. You can have huge following on LinkedIn but without this final step, there will be no selling. Once you have established good relationship that is based on trust and professionalism, you need to slowly transition to offline conversation. You will only convert your prospect to client through offline conversation.

In conclusion, besides following the guide above, it is very important to be consistent. Consistency will help you earn trust from prospects who will slowly transition to become customers.