DIY Website builders: learn exactly why they can have a negative impact

DIY Website Bulders

You have been concentrating and focusing a lot on DIY website builders’ advertisements, if you are looking to build your own website, for free. Well, DIY website builders may have some advantages but its disadvantages outdone the advantages. DIY website builders are easy to use and do not cost you a fortune, but are they really beneficial for your business?

Besides that, DIY business builders promise you to choose from a wide variety of features and claims to be easy, but the reality is the completely opposite. As much as, the custom-built websites benefit your business, the DIY website builders ruin your business the same. Here are some negative impacts of the DIY websites builders, in case you are considering to build your own website for free.

Negative impacts of the diy website builders on your business

You do not have the copyrights of your website and the content

Before building your website through the DIY website builder, read their terms and conditions. They clearly state that the website will not belong to you and neither of its content. Not everyone mentions it clearly. Therefore, they have the ownership of your website. All the effort that you will put on your website, to maintain a steady traffic can disappear in a glimpse.

DIY website builder can terminate the agreement between you and them, anytime that they want. You would not be able to question their actions as you did agree to the terms earlier. Moreover, there is zero guarantee if your site will be operational or not. Sometimes, you cannot even send the emails from the website, that you build through the DIY website builders. They can alter or amend your website content, whenever they want.

Google does not crawl the diy websites

Google search engine crawls through every website or dig deep into the website for indexing. Well, Google search engine has a major problem in crawling through the DIY websites. Besides that, DIY website builders use systems that are heavy on JavaScript. The DIY website builders use a lot of blocking technology. Therefore, the blocking technology makes it hard for the Google search engine to crawl through your website.

If Google is not able to index your DIY website, how can it be visible to your potential customers. However, Google search engine does not have a problem in crawling through the custom-built websites. These DIY website builders can literally cut your web traffic into half.

Unflexible website building tools

DIY website builders attract the businesses owners by the flexibility of their tools and features but is it really true?

In order to build a website through the DIY website builder, you must be a tech-savvy business owner. Or else, you would not be able to use the features and tools that the DIY website builders provide. Therefore, their tools and features are not that flexible as they depict. It literally takes a professional to build a website through the DIY website builders.

No change of template and website design

The DIY website builders have the same templates and website designs to offer to everyone. Using a mainstream template would not make your website a complete stand out. So, your business website would be as ordinary as the other websites. Hence, decreasing your traffic.

Other than that, if you want to change your template design and transfer your content and media to another template, you are not viable to do it. Besides that, you have to start all over again. Isn’t it going to cause a negative effect on your business? Think straight.

No customer support

Most of the DIY website builders do not have a customer support. What if a technical error occurs in your business website? Who are you going to contact? Who is going to fix the bug for you?

It is pretty hard to trust the DIY website builder these days. They do not have a proper customer support. What if you cannot troubleshoot the website yourself? Are you going to start all over again?

Final words

DIY website builders can have a huge negative impact on your business. Not only can they reduce your site visibility, but can also get you stuck with an un-customisation business website, for the rest of your life. You should reconsider if you’ve decided to build your website through a DIY website builder.