Cheap web hosting: here are the top 5 hidden mysteries

Cheap web hosting

It is important to use your resources and money in the best way possible. Investing efficiently today, can lead to a better outcome tomorrow. But, this statement is not really true every time, is it? If you buy a product at a discounted price, it does not mean that it is beneficial for you. In the same say, it is good to invest money on cheap web hosting but would it be beneficial for you?

Besides that, cheap web hosting might save you some bucks but, whatever you are saving today on cheap web hosting is going to cost you the double, to correct your mistake. It does matter if you purchase a cheap web hosting and a cheap web domain. Therefore, many website owners regard the cheap web hosting as a good move but it is actually the opposite. Here, I am going to tell you the bad impacts of the cheap web hosting.

Top 5 hidden mysteries of cheap web hosting

Low quality page interference and performance

According to a research, the ideal website load speed should be about 1.5 seconds. Having a load speed of 4 seconds or more can literally cut down your traffic. Besides that, cheap web hosting uses a large single platform for its services. For instance, it is like shopping from an outlet, that everybody has an access to.

You can enjoy the unlimited web bandwidths and cheap web hosting services. But, if the other party decides to use the same bandwidths and cheap web hosting services, it is going to cost you a lot. It will definitely have a bad effect on your server’s performance. It will increase your webpage load time.

Unsatisfactory customer support system

Cheap web hosting has a terrible customer support service. Therefore, if you look at the customer service of different cheap web hosting companies, they do not have the time, personnel and the abilities to assist the user.

In order to maintain the cheap web hosting services, a company links as many websites to a single server, as possible. This factor largely produces the technical errors and causes low or poor performance of the websites.

Negative seo effects

Even more, if your website is search engine optimised, Google is likely to ignore you or lower your rank. It will not only affect the website traffic but it will also take your SEO efforts in vain.

Google search engine does not like cheap web hosting. Google search engine prefers paid web hosted websites and prioritises them the most. Besides that, because of the cheap web hosting, it would take a long time for the Google to crawl through your website for indexing. The response delivered to Google would be slower, with cheap web hosting.

Data is vulnerable to security breaches

Of course, every data present on your website is very dear and important to you. What if I tell you that the cheap web hosting can steal your data? Therefore, cheap web hosting services make your private data vulnerable to the security breaches.

Having the same domain name and using the same resources can allow the hackers to steal your personal information. Besides that, cheap web hosting is often vulnerable to security breaches. It does not provide you the security or the protection that your data needs.

Pay extra for a user friendly interface

User interface is a concept to make your website convenient and easy to use. User interface makes your website human-friendly and manageable. However, cheap web hosting does not resolve your user interface issues.

Therefore, for having a user-friendly interface, you have to pay extra to the cheap web hosting companies.

Final words

Cheap web hosting might be attractive and a good chance to run your website without paying a fortune. But, it is going to cost you, long-term. Therefore, your website will have poor performance, negative SEO effects and an unmanageable user interface.