At Last, The secret to bespoke web design VS template web design Is revealed

bespoke web design VS template web design

Are you still deciding to build your own website? It is a tiring task to hire a web designer, who can build your website with the best web designing skills. But, another question that might disturb you is to whether choose a bespoke web design or the template web design.

Bespoke web design VS template web design is a controversial debate. It is on you to decide which web design would suit the best for your website. Here, I am going to write some important facts on bespoke web design VS template web design, to assist you.

What to choose? – Bespoke web design VS Template web design

Bespoke web design

Bespoke or custom-build web design involves a lot of factors. In bespoke web designing, you target the potential audience and need specific features for your website to function. Bespoke web designing is somewhat superior than the template web designing. The reason is that, the web designer is able to optimize the website during its creation, to allow the search engines to read each page. This allows the audience to end up on your website. Bespoke web designing is relatively at a better rank than the template designing, because of being SEO-friendly.

Pros and cons of bespoke web designed websites

  • Bespoke web designing is unique, because it will incorporate only the company’s brand. Custom-built web designing is entirely based upon the theme of your business.
  • Bespoke web designing is amendable, customisation and adaptable to any company’s requirements.
  • Bespoke web designing is search engine optimized. The custom-built websites are tested across all the browsers, for its functionality.
  • Bespoke web designing is not as cost-effective as template web designing.
  • Bespoke websites take a much longer time to build than the template websites.
  • Bespoke websites can be updated. The site is prone to grow with your business. The web developer can install technologies and can update the website as per your business growth.
  • The web developers who have expertise in bespoke web designing are readily available for customer support.

Template web design

Template web designed sites are pre-built, generic and readily available for anyone, to be purchased. The owner who wants to have a personal website can choose from a wide range of templates,  color palettes, logos and images in template web designing. However, template designed websites are not flexible enough and the owner has to stick with the limited template parameters.

Pros and cons of template web designed websites

  • As said earlier, template designed websites have the same templates to offer to everyone. Other websites could use the same templates and the theme as you. Your website would not be unique enough and would not stand out.
  • There aren’t many customizable options available in template designing.
  • Template designing may not work on some computers or devices.
  • Some template web designed websites are not SEO. They are not search engine friendly.
  • It is difficult to attract the potential audience using template web designing.
  • Template web designing cannot be updated or new technologies cannot be installed, as templates run on a structured system.
  • Template web designing is budget friendly. The upfront cost is cheaper than the custom web designing.
  • Template web designing is easy and quick.
  • Template designed websites do not have as much efficient customer support service as of the custom built websites.

Summary about bespoke web design VS template web design

Template designed websites

  • Template web designing is quick and convenient.
  • Template web designing is cheaper than bespoke web designing.
  • Templates are not SEO-friendly.
  • Other websites could use the same templates as you.
  • Customisation is limited.
  • Not responsive on all devices.
  • Unreliable customer support service.

Bespoke designed websites

  • The development time is greater than the template designing.
  • It is expensive.
  • Bespoke websites are SEO friendly.
  • Bespoke web designing represents the business theme, entirely.
  • Adaptable and customizable.
  • 100% responsive on all devices.
  • Reliable customer support service.

Final comments

Bespoke web design VS template web design is a controversial debate, that only the website owners can understand. However, if you cannot decide which one to choose, go through both the designs thoroughly, and choose what best suits your website’s theme and genre.