10 Ways To Improve Your Website To Win Business

There will always be room to improve your website to help you win more business. It’s very important to find a good website design company who understands your business very well.

Is your website responsive?

A responsive website is an approach to website design aimed at designing websites to provide the best viewing experience from desktops, tablets and mobiles.

You could be losing enquires if your website is not mobile. If visitors go onto a website that does not adapt to their mobile then they could leave your website.

If your website is responsive then visitors will having an easy, enjoyable viewing experience without having to zoom in and out.

Are you using landing pages?

A landing page is a website page that provides information after a visitor clicks on an email link, social media post or any other type of advertisement.

Landing pages are useful because they provide information directly related to the advertisement selected by the visitor.

Landing pages are useful for offers, free downloads. Include a clear call to action like a form or a buy now button.

Is it easy to navigate your website?

Making it easy for potential customers to navigate your website is very important. The navigation links must use accurate titles. You will lose trust with the visitor if the links are misleading.

When potential customer’s click on one of the navigation links make sure it’s easy for them to go back to the previous page.

Keep it simple

Yes images make a website pretty but don’t overdo it. Keep your website simple, you have lots of white space.

Try not to fit everything onto one page and leave plenty of space.

Use a good web design company who will work with you

A website design company should look after their customers with fast support when needed, or if you have any questions about your website. Make sure they will support you over the telephone or email.

A good website design company will try and help your business succeed in every possible way. Also they should work very closely with you.

Use eye catching page titles

Page titles are important for SEO and to grab the user’s eye. Make them short and snappy to make the user read more on that web page.

The best way to come up with an attractive page title is to write it then look for different words. If you had “beautiful” as a word in your page title, then you can do a search in Google for “another word for beautiful” we found these attractive, gorgeous, stunning, striking, alluring, appealing, charming, cute, dazzling, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fascinating.

Some of these words we found are much more powerful than “beautiful”

Do you update your website every month?

It’s very important to keep your website up to date, with new products/services new portfolio etc. This will keep the search engines interested in your website. Also it will keep visitors coming back.

If your products/services never change then add a blog and write blog posts.

Write for your customers and not for you

This is good practice to write what your potential customers need to hear, and not what you want to hear. Do a bit of research on your competitors to see what kind of things they are writing.

Check on your website for the word “we”, “I”, “us”. If it’s possible, replace those words with “you” and “your”.

Use social media share buttons

Use social media share buttons, like ours under this post. You never know when someone will share your web page to their social media accounts. If you write a good post then they will share it as they find it useful.

Analyse your competition

Take an hour out just to see what your competitor sites are doing. Write ideas down, look at the way their website is presented. More important read their content to see how appealing it is to you.

Never copy or take images from other websites. But you can steal ideas or fresh ideas may come in your head.

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