Website security maintenance – keeping your website safe and secure

It’s crucial; you keep your website safe from hackers as millions of websites get hacked every month which can lead a website beyond repair. We hate this happening to websites as it can have a negative impact on your business and cause distress.

We can keep your website safe from hackers by providing a monthly service which involves keeping your website files up to date, All plugin updates, install a security plugin and monitor this on a weekly basis. If these tasks are not carried out, then your website can easily be attacked by hackers that will inject malicious code to destroy your website.

The cost for this service
is £35.00 per month
it's better to be safe than sorry

  • Back-ups - This includes all back-ups sent to your dropbox account to leave you in full control

  • Monthly website backups - It’s crucial we back up your website once a month.

  • Monthly website updates - Your website files need updating on a monthly basis for security.

  • Monthly plugin updates - Plugins are additional files that need updating on a monthly basis.

  • Monthly website scans - Scan to check that any malicious code been injected into the website.

  • Weekly website monitoring - Keeping an eye on your website for failed login attempts etc.

  • Website clean ups - If in the event you’re website gets hacked then we will clean it.

  • Support - Professional ongoing friendly support.

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