Website Security Maintenance

Website security maintenance is crucial; you keep your website safe from hackers as millions of websites get hacked every month which can lead a website beyond repair.

Mark Tawney - Company Director - All Web Services

We understand that website security maintenance is hard work and time consuming. The chances are you won’t understand anything about website coding so this might be a little complicated for you to secure your website.

That’s where we come in.

Our team has a combined expertise of over 16 years’ experience of working in coding, some of the team have worked in large organisations, too, so we know how to leverage the most secure techniques and better still, make them affordable for the small business owner to gain access to.

We can put your own personal fortress in place so you don’t have to and no Trojan horse any hacker has, Greek, Russian or otherwise, will be able to get through, EVER.

So you can get on with what you do best (and most profitably) and with PEACE OF MIND, running your business and let us take care of your website security maintenance.

What does this service include?

  • Monthly back-ups – This includes all website back-ups to download to leave you in full control

  • Support – Professional ongoing friendly support.

  • Monthly website updates – Your website files need updating on a monthly basis for security.

  • Monthly plugin updates – Plugins are additional files that need updating on a monthly basis.

  • Daily website scans – Scan to check that any malicious code been injected into the website.

  • Daily website monitoring – Keeping an eye on your website for failed login attempts etc.

  • Website clean ups – If in the event you’re website gets hacked then we will clean it.

  • We will lock the website down as securely as we can.

Check out our great prices! We have 2 different packages yearly and monthly. Why not give us a call on 0800 038 5815 to discuss the options.

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