Website Hosting

We will transfer your website onto our web hosting platform free of charge, leaving you with a stress free transfer to carry on with what you do best.

Mark Tawney - Company Director - All Web Services

The technical jargon of a web hosting dashboard can be daunting with many technical words such as ftp, mysql, smtp, pop, etc. We don’t expect you to know all about this. You don’t even need to learn it but web hosting is necessary to enable your website to be shown across the web – and we will make sure it is.

We offer totally managed web hosting. You will never have to sign into your web hosting account because we will see to everything needed to ensure your website is showing across the web, setting up the emails you need and helping you set them up across all pc and mobile devices. Leaving you to do what you do best.

What’s the benefits in our web hosting package?

  • Web hosting is vital yet an area that is often neglected. Let us take the pressure off you by managing your web hosting for you.

  • Transfer your website to our management, free of charge.

  • We will help set up your email on any program or any mobile device.

  • Fast 24/7 technical support and advice.

  • Websites are backed up every 24 hours for your peace of mind

  • UK based data centre in Manchester

  • Take advantage of unlimited web space and up to five email addresses.

  • Have anything you don’t understand explained clearly without techie jargon – at any time.

Small price, fantastic service. You don’t pay us to transfer your website, as we transfer your website free. The peace of mind for any small business owner – priceless!

The cost for our web-hosting package per year – £120.