Website Design For Authors

After several years with a large and disinterested web site company, it was a tremendous relief to switch to the personalised service offered by All web services.

Hallie Rubenhold - Social Historian

Having created website design for Authors already, we are proud to say that we have Lucy Worsley, Hallie Rubenhold and Katy Layton-Jones. With professional knowledge to design and build you a superb website to keep you’re visitors coming back for more.

We enjoy working with authors as we always learn something new from them, which help us keep on track to offer superb website design for Authors.

Our workflow process

Our workflow process is designed to leave you stress free. We’ll take care of everything and keeping you informed at all times during your website design project. We understand that you know very little about website coding and we’ll explain things to you in easy to understand terms.


After an initial telephone discussion we will send you a no obligation website proposal. Under no circumstances do we pressure you. If you decide to accept our proposal then we can start step 2.


This is the initial planning process. We might need another telephone meeting to discuss more in depth about your project. After we will plan out and design an image of what your website will look like. We will not move onto step 3 until you are completely satisfied of the look.


Once step 2 has been signed off we can start to code the website and get it fully functional. When we are close to finishing we will upload the website to a web server so you can see the progress. At this point anything you’re not happy with we can change it.


Yeah we can go live! At this point we can go live if you’re satisfied with everything. After we will show you an easy to use admin area where you can easily update your website in which, we will train you to allow you to do this.

Ongoing support

However it’s crucial that you find a web design company that gives you, ongoing support. That’s where we come in! People often wonder why they need ongoing support after we’ve finished a website. Below are some possibilities.

  • Something on your website might not look right.

  • Your website could go down due to a web server fault.

  • You might need to know additional things.

  • You might need a small design change.

Our payment plans


    Our standard way is to ask for 50% upfront and 50% on completion.


    Spread the cost over 12-18 months a deposit will be required.

Here’s an offer, just for you!

If you can refer us 2 new paying clients within 12 months after your website has been completed we will REIMBURSE YOU 50% of your website cost.

This would be of great benefit to you, to put some cash back in your pocket as a thank you from All Web Services.

For example: If the cost of your website was £1000 and you find us 2 new clients who has a website built by us, we would put £500 directly into your bank account.

To qualify the new client must tell us, YOU recommended us.