Brad Burton In Action
The business show in London is packed full of exhibitors and guest speakers that makes this event well worth your while, whether you’re a large company or a small business. We've heard stories from other businesses like, “well we did not have the time to go” or “We are too busy to go”. What happens when the work stops in 3 months? You will be back to the same saying “we are really quiet”. The business show gives businesses free advice from key speakers that have multi million pound businesses; this is why we tell businesses to see it as an investment. Guest speakers at the business show There are many guest speakers who can strengthen up your business weaknesses, and give invaluable advice on how to expand with the
If you are an author, you may have been specifically told by your publisher that you don’t need a website. Publishers seem to believe that if you have a social media presence, that is enough. It would appear that they would prefer authors to concentrate on writing their next book (which they have been contracted to do) and not spend their time on an inexpertly designed website. Then there is the time factor involved in keeping the site updated, so perhaps from a publisher’s point of view, websites for authors are not a good thing. An author’s website design needs to be considered carefully, and what better way of coming up with a perfect one is there than by choosing a company that specialises in designing websites for authors? Of