Social media has revolutionized the world of business by primarily impacting on marketing which is one of the core business functions. In today business environment social media tools like Twitter are affecting the overall performance of the business by enhancing business consumer (B2C) communication. Twitter has impacted business unveiling a new way of finding new customers, interacting with customers, a way to gain market intelligence, increase brand awareness and increase website traffic among other impacts. Research shows that Twitter will continue to impact business and marketing, and this article will focus on ways to get more business from Twitter; the
This guide will give you an insight on local landing pages and how you can implement it for your business. It begins with the definition of different types of local landing pages and various unique business models on how they can rank top on the local internet searches. It is critical to appear and rank favorably in the local searches because more and more people do their search with words like near me’ and the trends are likely to increase even more. Over the past few years, there has been an exponential increase in these types of searches according to
While there could be dozens of people who could enter the online market with some of the best products and services, when it comes surviving the long run and going through the grind only a few are able to see the end of the light. According to rough estimates only 20% of all online ventures are able to go beyond the first two years and after three to five years only 5 to 8% are able to survive and grow. Hence it would be interesting to find the reasons why so many fail while only a few succeed. Over the